Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Election '08

Yeah, yeah, it's still too early... but then again, it isn't.

Some folks think it is fait accompli that the GOP will lose the Presidency in 2008.

Then again, some people are worried they may hold it, as told in The Democratic Daily:

Here’s the latest issues poll from NBC/WSJ. There’s plenty of meat to consider if you spend some time really thinking through these numbers. Notice the Democratic ranking in Homeland Security. ...

If the American people are not confident of the Democratic Party’s ability to protect the USA….we have a very real electoral problem.

What got me laughing was this comment following this post:

This is what scares the Hell out of me:
a Clinton vs. F. Thompson match up.
None of this is indicative of the GOP being able to rest on their laurels; the road ahead is a long one.The GOP has to remind the people that the tax cuts are what has made the economy as strong as it is. They need to remind them they've stood at the door and blocked amnesty (after ignoring the issue for too long, yes, but still...).
But it is evidence that the battle isn't over yet, not by a long shot.

If the GOP focuses their Conservative values they will demonstrate, once again, that Ronald Reagan was right, and that they will be victorious at the ballot box again.

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