Sunday, August 26, 2007

and how was your day, Dear?

Well, the weekend started off OK, I suppose. Took off Friday as a trip to Delaware was required (don't ask; its too much to go into in a blog). That took most of the day.

I cleaned out my 1990 Toyota Corolla. Remember? The one with over 320,000 miles? Procrastination and a misplaced title has kept the car in possession - in spite of it not running for quite some time - for far too long. What is freaky is that if you look at Google Maps, and focus on the right coordinates, you'll see this:
That's right; that red spec has got to be the car featured in the photo in this post. Yeah, you and my MBH are in sync: it's time for that heap to go.

But Hey! I cleaned it out because some guy actually wants it. I told him it doesn't run, but doesn't care. NOW that I have found the title, I'll call him. Um, that is, if I can find his number...

So Saturday was spent running errands and doing the things most people do on Saturdays. Today was the first day of our local fair, where our Karate school puts on a one-hour demonstration. We started with about 50 people - at least half of which family of the students. Before long we had them packed in, and standing on the sides. We do put on a good show. Plus the gal students get to deck the big lugs (like me), so that's always a crowd pleaser. We get to do it again Friday night.

We couldn't hang at the fair, as I had to run over to SIL's house and spend the afternoon cutting the trees that fell in last night's storms. 4 trees in all, and one had the surprise of being surrounded by poison ivy. What fun. I am sore as hell. Every 3 years or so I need my chain saw; it's got to be at least 30 year old Sears electric. But it runs well. Have no idea when last the chain was sharpened. Like I said: procrastinator.

I am also way-behind my 6-month ritual of updating my resume. It's a habit I got into a few years back; always good to keep it sharp! Maybe instead of blowing off lunch for work, I'll blow off lunch for myself this week and refresh it.

Just like that old heap of a Corolla may one day disappear from my yard, I may one day find a job with a normal commute.

Ya never know.

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