Friday, July 13, 2007

Stupid Teachers

This just in from Peru:

LIMA — About a dozen public school teachers tried to light a train station on fire in southern Peru amid nationwide protests against a new law that will require them to take periodic competency tests.

In the capital of Lima, police fired tear gas on about 1,000 demonstrators.

The teachers' union, Sutep, called the strike to protest a law signed by President Alan Garcia on Wednesday that will fire teachers who fail a job competency test three times.
Emphasis by me. Additional sources of the story here.

This shows how the Teachers Union is incredibly so far out of hand! Just think: if the teacher is so incompetent as to fail a test 3 times, they should still have their job?

And they resorted to arson to make their point!

Do not think this kind of twisted logic is only in South America. While no train stations have been yet threatened here in the States, the Teachers Unions in the US are against any sort of competency testing for their members. Imagine: if you knew you child's teacher failed a competency test 3 times... do you think you'd be comfortable in the kind of education your kid was getting?

Another vote for alternatives, like cyber charter schools.

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