Monday, July 23, 2007

Of B&N and HP (don't worry: no spoiler here)

So I was at a near-by Barnes and Noble Saturday morning. I half-expected to see people still sleeping on the sidewalk, using their beloved purchase as a pillow. I didn't see any sign, of course, of the late night party from the night before.

What I did see, and what struck me as odd, is some 3 dozen unopened cases of Deathly Hollows stacked behind the counter. As I made our purchases, I asked the clerk behind the counter about the stack.

Oh we have plenty more in the back room, too!

This struck me as odd. Wasn't the turn-out what it was hoped to be, that they have plenty more in the back room? Or did they simply order multiple times as many as they predicted they needed?

I asked the woman if she started reading the book yet.

SHE: Oh and I finished it, too!! How far have you gotten??
ME: I just picked up a copy on the table and read the final page of the epilogue. I was just curious how it ended.
SHE: Don't you dare say another word! Not another word!! How could you???

Um, it was easy, really. She seemed personally offended that I read the last page. That she felt so betrayed in a store that lets people read anything, even if its not purchased, struck me as odd.

I haven't shared the contents of the last page with anyone, lest I suffer the wrath of someone who has no sense of humor. But the event brought me back to my youth, back when VCR's were still a novelty. I remember we once rented the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.

As the overture started, and the cast poured out of the bus, I turned to one of my brothers and said You know he dies in the end, right? His knee jerk response of why did you tell me that? was immediately replaced with oh, shut-up! He probably punched me, too; I got punched a lot in my youth.

By no means is that to be construed that someone, anyone in Deathly Hallows dies (it's a story of Wizards, right? There could be reincarnation, too, right?). But this episode does show my sometimes-twisted sense of humor has been around for awhile now.

For another non-spoiler, check out Sunday's comic strip. All movie fans, I am sure, will find it funny, whether you love HP or not.

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