Thursday, June 14, 2007

Networking in a large company

Like many others, I've delved into one of those Social Networks, LinkedIn. I got pinged by a former colleague over a year ago, so I signed up. LinkedIn (LI) has a big focus on employment.

Ideally, you network only with people you know; while it is possible to amass 10,000,000 friends, like on MySpace, that is not the intended design (oh look! my page is still there!). This way, you are able to refer people you genuinely know to others, or get introduced to others by people who know you. I am not aggressively looking for a new job, but if I could cut my commute in half (for comparable money) I'd do it.

Last night I got an e-mail from another person on LI, who at first asked if I knew anyone with a secret clearance who would be interested in a programming position in Virginia. That didn't strike me as odd, nor did the follow up request that I join his network. What was odd is that the person, an HR manager, works at another division of my company.

I consented to the joining of networks, but then I suddenly wondered whether that was a good idea. On one hand, if I develop a rapport with this manager, who knows where it may lead? On the other hand, if this HR Manager has contact with my division's HR Manager, who knows where that may lead?

Or maybe I am just paranoid. Time will tell, right?

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