Friday, June 01, 2007

Looking back, looking forward

How can someone who gets it so right on National Defense, right on economic stimulus (read: taxation), and right on a number of different issues miss so badly when it comes to the security of our borders??

One of my all-time favorite writers puts it succinctly:

Bush the younger came forward, presented himself as a conservative, garnered all the frustrated hopes of his party, turned them into victory, and not nine months later was handed a historical trauma that left his country rallied around him, lifting him, and his party bonded to him. He was disciplined and often daring, but in time he sundered the party that rallied to him, and broke his coalition into pieces. He threw away his inheritance. I do not understand such squandering.

Now conservatives and Republicans are going to have to win back their party. They are going to have to break from those who have already broken from them. This will require courage, serious thinking and an ability to do what psychologists used to call letting go. This will be painful, but it's time. It's more than time.

Peggy Noonan,
Contributing Editor of
The Wall Street Journal,
I will never forget how President Bush has defended this country, has made it economically stronger (albeit without the necessary discipline in pork-barrel spending), has helped reshape the Supreme Court in the manner in which the Founding Fathers had intended.

This Immigration Bill, however, is an anathema to all Conservative principles and the rule of law. It is diametrically opposed to the Global War on Terror.

It doesn't make sense!


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