Monday, April 16, 2007

Why I blog

Hat tip to Alex at Three Sources who felt compelled to tag me on this meme :

  1. At the time I began, 80% of my work load was completed before 2 hours of the day had passed. Sure, that sounds great; now try it for 5 days a week for a few months.

  2. Deep inside, I'm just a frustrated stand-up comic

  3. After spending 2 hours commuting, each way, each day, I have a lot to say.

  4. Why not?

  5. Hoping for that one day I say something immensely relevant, or significant, or just funny. On that day, if I am fortunate enough to cause a Blogalanche, I'll hang it up.

  6. There is NO number 6.

  7. Hearing oneself think is one thing; being able to go back in time and reading what one thought is another. Yeah, I could use my own diary, but my handwriting sucks, and I am too lazy. Also, I can easily demonstrate to many that my beliefs and thoughts are well grounded and consistent.

  8. Provides me with pseudo-street cred so I can comment on other people's blogs and not leave the URL field blank.

  9. Other reasons may be found in my disclaimer.

  10. Spreading the love: Call me dull; if you wish to self-tag, be my guest.

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