Friday, April 06, 2007

So this is Easter...

So why I am seemingly fixated with another partial reference to John Lennon??

Time for another holiday, but this weekend will be a quiet one at home. Logistics, ironically what I base my career upon, makes heading to the folks in NYC unmanageable this weekend. So we'll make it happen next week, or so I hope.

Last week I got an e-mail from a friend of my, a guy I've known going on 25 years. Actually, it was through him I met my MBH, so this guy and I are friends, indeed! He sent me piece about Easter Pies, written by Bill Ervolino. Frequent readers may recall Mr. Ervolino is the same chap who wrote that hilarious Christmas post I keep referencing in this humble blog each year. I am pleased to provide the link to the site where Mr. Ervolino's work resides, and I encourage all of you read it and them come back here for a follow-up.

Are you done? If you aren't familiar with Italian Holiday Cooking, that may seem extreme to you, but trust me: it isn't far from the truth. In my family, the Easter Pie is called Pizzagaina and instead of soppressata we use prosciutto, ham, and sausage. The last thing you want to do is schedule a cholesterol test after Easter in my mom's kitchen. You see, it is the celebratory dish after 40 days of Lent. And no one bakes it like my mom, even if she wasn't born Italian!

This is an edit portion of the post I was to publish today... the second half is a story that I believe is worth telling but would take far more time than I have to get right. And in doing so, it may reveal more of my identity. Once again, I have no delusions of superhero grandeur.

The full post will also beg a question of politics to be answered, which I've been meaning to address, but will possibly open a whole kettle of discussion. While I welcome such discussion, and possibly debate, it would take far more time than I can adequately devote at this point.

Does any of that make sense, or is it just crap?

In either case - sense or crap - I'll leave it as is.... between the headaches of work and mom's heavy sigh that we're not coming this weekend, I've got about as much as I can handle.

Hoping your Easter is a bright one...

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