Monday, April 23, 2007

A sensible subject line should go here

I am here.

The last few days have been the sort of stuff, I believe, that would make good fodder for a personal-type blog. That being said, none will be detailed here. Sorry, it isn't that you, the loyal readers, aren't worthy. Far from it. It's just that they require far more detail than I can easily type, and it is all way too personal for sharing.

So I'll instead share this moment from my Tae Kwon Do class this evening, which is - by far - the most amusing point of my last week.

Part of the promotion process in TKD is the mastery of Poomse or 'forms', a routine that involves some 20-30 steps of kicks, punches, blocks, and the like. Each promotion has a different Form that must be mastered, and naturally, each promotion means the subsequent forms get harder and harder. I'm on my ninth form, called "TaeGuk Yuk Jang".

For people who are hopelessly inept and uncoordinated (the dictionary for both of these words says See 'Charlie on the PA Tpk'), or for people who were born two left feet (yep, me again), these Forms have a horrendous learning curve.

So after the adult class, when there was about a 4 adults and 3 minors left, the instructor offered some of us personal critiquing of our forms. When there is a class of 20 or so, he does work with everyone, but as the class must move on, getting almost one-on-one attention is worthy of staying late, indeed.

Each of us were allowed (and encouraged, really) to watch the other's Forms for pointers and tips. After being treated to my critique (the man has a heart of gold, but the delivery of a Drill Sergeant), I got changed and was about to head out for the night with my 11 year old son. Out of the women's changing room came one of the other adults who had been reviewed after I had finished. She stepped out of the changing room wearing her white Do bok pants and a jog bra. She asked the Master if she could have just one more try at her Form.

Now I am hardly an expert in this type of garment, but there are some jog bras that are more ..... presentable I'll say .... than others. The one this gal had on was fairly thin in material thickness, was gray in color (like sweats), and was fairly wet considering her level of perspiration.

Yeah, you get the picture. This 35-or-so year old mom probably did not realize it wasn't the_best_idea to come out with out her TKD top on.

The Master turned and was about to agree when he saw her. His head turned to the remaining students in the Center, then back to her when he hissed "Get back inside and get dressed or 500 push-ups -- now!" I had never heard him so enraged before, but I can understand his concern with other minors in the place. True, one of them was the son of this mom, but his rule about being on the floor in anything less than a full Do bok is well know.

The fact that he and this gal are dating, a "secret" that is pretty much known to everyone, probably had something to do with his anger, since she ought to have known better about his rules.

She retreated, and he then shot a look at me. What were you looking at??

In all honesty, I replied I was only interested in admiring her form, Sir.

I turned and started to leave. As I ushered my son to the door, he called out to me You had better have meant her 'TaeGuk Yuk Jang', Chas!

Oh well, I almost I got away with the pun.

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