Friday, April 27, 2007

Miles to go before I sleep

Well, not exactly. I am home. My 2 hour commute made worse by the weather and no less than 3 accident sites along the way.

So what's in store for this weekend? Does the town of Poughquag, NY ring a bell? Oh I know where abouts it is... about 90 minutes or so north of NYC. Translation: at least 3 hours from home.

My much-better-half's great-niece is having a birthday party. She's 5 I believe.... hard to keep track, at least for me (sorry). So we'll be driving some 3 hours (or so) to get to a Chuck-e-Cheese like place for a few hours. Loads of fun, it sound like, to me. Not.

But there are two over-riding reasons why we're going.
  1. For the last week our 4 year old has been announcing to the world, every chance he gets, that tomorrow is 'Bella's birthday. Ok, he hasn't fully grasped the calendar concept yet, but he's getting there. So he can't be disappointed.

  2. My MBH's niece and (and nephew, who has his own 3 year old) both came to our kids birthday parties and .... and ... um... wait a second. No they didn't!!
WTF? I gotta spend my Saturday driving when they couldn't be bothered for our kids? Where's the fairness in all that? Hell, I'm pushing to spend the night, so I can at least enjoy a libation or three.

Here's hoping your weekend is good for you!

In other news: This blog has been too silent on too many items for too long. Be it politics or pop culture, I realize I haven't said much in recent weeks and I intend to start getting back into a groove, soon.

In the Big Props department, a big announcement needs to be made: Lisa of Just A Girl has just finished her first book, WordPress for Dummies. Now this humble blogger does not profess to know WordPress (not for the least reason that this is a Blogger hosted site) so a title like this will do little for me in this realm. However, back when Lisa started writing I told her I would buy a copy and I will stand by my word! So if you are a WordPress kind of blogger, I recommend you follow suit and buy a copy, too!!

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