Friday, December 01, 2006

Must haves for gift giving!

December is the gift giving season, be it for Christmas or another holiday, there are plenty of reasons to give gifts.

I like to find the kinds of gifts that are somewhat unusual. Here's an example: in every office environment, everywhere, there's always someone who is perpetually cold. Even in the summer.

USB Heated Gloves

No more cold fingers! These gloves plug into your USB ports and provide comfy warmth for your digits! And for those whose tootsies are always chilly there's a gift just for them too!USB Heated Slippers

Of course, I have this image of people walking away from their desk and dragging their hardware with them. I purchased a pair of the noise-dampening headphones (in part to listen to streams, and other times to keep the office noise from distracting me); on more than one occasion saw me standing up and walking away from my desk while the headset was in on more than one occasion! Find them at PERPETUAL KIDS (aptly named).

My biggest fear of these devices, however, the power drain on your PC. USB ports can drive external devices, but imagine the draw of a pair of gloves (and mules) on your PC power supply.

I've always liked these kinds of gadgets; last spring I featured an interesting web cam. And yes, I may even break down and get myself a Christmas tree for my desk.

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