Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Crimbo Greetings

I swear each year it is getting harder and harder.

I have relayed in these posts how hectic life is at home, and there's every reason to believe it will get better... sooner or later. But not yet. I realized this morning that no Christmas cards were sent out, and there's a pile of unopened ones from the last few weeks on the table. With Christmas (or as Maidink prefers: Crimbo) just 6 days away, there's little chance any one's Cards will get there on time, never mind the Hanukkah cards we've neglected to send.

And as for my friends in real life, specifically those former co-workers I worked with 2 years ago, I have managed personal, face-to-face holiday greetings since my untimely departure. That won't be happening this year, as there's just no time (or work justification) for me to get my butt down their neck of the woods. So far I've managed one phone call as a substitute, no doubt e-mails will catch up with those already on leave for the holidays.

To those of you who frequent this Blog, I bid you God rest ye merry, gentle people. While in recent weeks my hit counter has soared, largely based on my links to the 24 prequel, I do know many of you a regular readers and I appreciate that to no end.

With any luck, and some planning, by this time next year things will be lot different, in as much the hall decking will be long done, and the kids will have a proper lead-up to their big day. In the meantime, count on this blog posting during the wee hours of the weekend with the progress of doing Santa's work.

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