Friday, February 10, 2006

We pause now for these commercial messages

I suppose I pay too much attention to commercials, both radio & TV, for my own good. Here are few observations I've made about a few that are currently running:

  • Suzuki has had an ad for their Grand Vitara several months now, showing a man kissing his wife/SO as he's walking out the door. He takes a few steps as he puts on a helmet and then drops off the edge of a cliff, parachuetting down to where his SUV is parked. Tell me: what does this say about his vehicle choice? Usually, we focus on how good the car is, but today we look at the driver, as if his sky0diving has any corellation to his driving ability. How reliable is their car if he has to jump to get to it? Am I too assume the average homeowner who lives on a hill won't be able to get his car up to the driveway? Why is almost 60% of the commerical focused on the jump, and not the car?

  • Advil has been running a TV and radio ad, describing a woman who had recently given birth and started working out, so she needed a pain reliever for her knees. When she went back to work, she needed a pain reliever for tension headaches. As baby got big, she needed 'another one for back pain.' Am I to assume that people who aren't afflicted with chronic pain take analgesics on an ongoing, daily basis? Hell, hardly a week goes by that work doesn't give me a headache, but I'm not looking for a pill. And while there have been times when I've taken a pain reliever after a workout, its only because I've knowlingly pushed myself to the point of pain (arguably, this isn't the smartest thing to do, but ...). But after every workout I have loads of aches and pains, and especially the morning after. I don't routinely take pills. And while I have the easier job than my much better half does regarding our kids, I get back aches just the same.

    I guess what I am failing to comprehend is why any typical person -- again, without an injury or other chronic condition -- needs to take a pain reliever from just daily, common aches and pains. Or maybe I pay attention to the whole 'IF SYMPTOMS PERSIST FOR MORE THAN 10 DAYS, CONSULT A PHYSICIAN' label.

    I tell you, all the noise about VIOXX is starting to make even more sense to me now...

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