Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We are all Danes now

Red State provides this news of bravery:

The Danes are not backing down from their troop commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan:

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark said on Tuesday that Muslim protests over a Danish newspaper's cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad raised concerns for the safety of its troops in Iraq and Afghanistan but that it had no plans to withdraw them.
For some perspective, these are not isolated, small protests. They involve tens of thousands of Muslims around the globe. A single Palestinian protest was said to have involved over 10,000 demonstrators and several have involved more than 5,000. They spread from Indonesia, to the Middle East, to Europe.

Let us stand with our Western European bretheren, as they have with us, and we will all weather this storm! The Muslim embargo on Danish goods has also had a real and immediate financial impact on Denmark. Buy Danish!

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