Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Of truth, justice and Wikipedia

Last fall, I posted about a Pennsylvania native who was wrongly accused of prisoner abuse in the war on terror.

Lisa Girman, a 37 year old State Trooper from Wilkes-Barre, PA, was cleared of all charges of abuse involving the Guantanamo Bay prisoners [she was] guarding (photo of her here, along with links to the story).

Last night, there was a party held in her honor in WB, PA. She was late to arrive, but no one complained: she was tardy because she was busy re-enlisting.

After being dragged through the mud by the media, and all the left-wing blogs out there, after earning an honorable discharge, MSGT Girman wants to re-up.

I posted it because while I did see a story about MSGT. Girman in a local, NE PA television newscast, I found almost no posts about it anywhere on the Internet. Using Bloglines search subscription feature, I added her name to a search and pretty much forgot about her. Until today.

It seems Wikipedia, the site that lets anyone record alleged fact (whether or not verifiable), had a new post defaming MSGT. Girman. I posted an edit, setting the record straight, providing links to CNN and USA TODAY that indicate MSGT. Girman, along with her colleagues, was cleared of all charges, earned an honorable discharge, and that she re-enlisted.

It seemed the least I could do, considering her service to our nation.

UPDATE: Giving credit where credit is due was the intent of my post. Since the time I posted, the Wikipedia page officially recognizes my reference to USA Today. While I will always consider much of what is written in Wiki to be opinion rather than fact, it must be said that a wrong has been corrected.

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