Tuesday, February 14, 2006

If you loathe this day, join the club

Perhaps loathe is too harsh, but I am in the chorus of those who don't get Valentine's Day. When I was single, I participated because I believed it to be part of the courtship ritual. Today, I see 80% of the day being pure hype.
Yes, I have gotten my much-better-half a Vt. Bear, and a PajamaGram, and A la Zing -- and of course, assortments of flowers, chocolates, jewlery and dinners out -- all over the years. 14 years ago she told me: no more roses on Valentines day... too expensive. So I buy flowers throughout the year, on any given day, for no reason. I get her 8 or so bouquets each year, and I spend a little more than I would on one dozen roses today. And after years of buying her jerwelry she doesn't wear, she's told me not to buy anymore pieces (she seldom wears any jewelry).

Enough already. You watch the commercial for Vt. Bears or PajamaGram (which are both owned by the same company), and the assumption is women are either ignorant or stupid: 'She'll think you spent weeks shopping for it, but if you call by 8PM Monday, we can guarantee next day delivery.' Right; of course, if you're a woman, please disregard this message. How many bears can a gal own, anyway? At least pajamas are something functional.

So, yes, I got my much-better-half a card today, and of course one from the 3 year old, and the 10 year old crafted his own. Life is far busy to go to crowded cafes or the like just to get a V-day dinner... if we each had the time to get away for the weekend we would, but clearly this isn't happening any time soon.

For more on how others dislike today, read FOXNews.com - Entertainment and Lifestyle News - Fox Features - Hate Valentine's Day? You're Not Alone "

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