Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Getting it right

Jon Meacham, managing Editor of Newsweek Magazine, made the following observations on Monday's IMUS IN THE MORNING on MSNBC and on the radio all over the country:

Jon Meacham: "My sense is that people are so dug in on one side of the question or the other on (President) Bush that everything is like theology in a way. It's less about history at the moment where every piece of evidence is spun or contorted to confirm and affirm peoples preexisting view of the President or the Democrats. So if you are anti-Bush, the Abramoff photograph is going to be, Ah ha! See? He's eavesdropping on us, he's lied us into war, he's corrupt, he stole the election. You know that 49 percent are going to wave it and say that. Then on the other side you are going to have people who believe that Bush and Cheney are defending the country from terrorists. They're doing the best they can with limited information in what is a long, twilight struggle in which you cannot prove a negative. You foil a terrorist attack. Everything looks silly and crackpot-y until it actually happens. Just real quickly, one of my points about this is every plot looks small-time until it happens. If you had broken in and gotten to Oswald on November 21, 1963, you would have looked like a loser. If you had gotten to James Earl Ray on April 3, 1968, you would have looked like a loser. If you busted Mohammed Atta up in Portland, Maine, on September 10th and then said, Oh, by the way, he was going to be the mastermind behind 19 hijackers who were going to do this, all of us would have scratched our heads. So everything is sort of implausible until men with guns or men with planes change history, and that's why what Bush and Cheney are doing is so hard, it seems to me.'

Imus: 'That's a good point. That's a good analogy, a good example.'

Jon Meacham: 'I really believe that, and all kidding aside, I have great sympathy for the men who are fighting this war, and I believe their hearts are in the right place. Have they done everything right? No. Find me somebody who has in the last 6 thousand years or recorded history."

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