Thursday, February 02, 2006

Excuse me, Kettle? I have Pot on line 2 for you.

Don Luskin at The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid wonders how these unions have the nerve to tell Wal-Mart how to treat working Americans (emphasis below by me):

Detroit News: "In Washington, Baltimore, Atlanta and elsewhere in the country, union organizers are scouring shelters and recruiting homeless people to staff their picket lines, paying just above minimum wage and failing to provide health benefits... A demonstrator in Washington, Nicey Howards, said the temporary protesters earn $8 an hour -- just a dollar above the legal minimum wage in Washington [note: this is less than the average pay for a full-time WMT associate] -- with no benefits. While she felt the job wasn't ideal [note: not ideal? mark that as the understatement of the year], Howards was glad she could earn a little money while looking for something better.

Each week, Howards said, she works 20 hours, the maximum time allowed by the carpenters' union, bringing home $160. The union organizers allow the hired protesters to take two-minute breaks, Howards said, but dock their pay for the time off. "
So it's OK for the Unions to pay less than Wal-Mart, the same company they complain underpays their potential dues-payers?

Is it a wonder why Wal-Mart rejects the constant advances of organized labor?

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