Wednesday, February 15, 2006

20 questions

Phone conversation with my boss. All salient facts are 100% accurate, although certain terms will be italicized in place of local jargon.

He: I will be counting on you to address these points at the scheduled
meeting with client

Me: If you want; I wasn't invited.

He: Of course you were! Oh wait, maybe I forgot to include you in the invite....

He did forget; I had known of the meeting and blocked out my schedule in anticpiation of this call.

Me: It's Ok, I can make time. Is it at their site or ours?

It should be mentioned at this time that our office is a mile from our company headquarters; our building lacks any conference room, but there are two in HQ. HQ is undergoing a relocation to a bigger facility, and the move began a week ago.

He: It's in the New Conference Center.

Me: (pause) Is that our new HQ?

He: No, no. It's at client site.

Me: Oh. Where at the site is this New Conference Center?

He: Do you remember where all of the other on-site meetings were held?

Me: Yep.

He: They re-did the conference room. It's now the New Conference Center.

Me: So... it's in the same place?

He: Yep. You'll be there at 1:00, right?

Me: If you say so...

Oh yeah, this will be a good meeting...

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