Saturday, January 28, 2006

Who would have thought it would have lasted?

Any person who has read this blog knows I don't toot my own horn much; its mostly humorous observation and politics. But there is an occasion for which I will bend this rule.

I've been so busy, I missed this Blogs anniversary. On Jan 16 '02 this Blog was born. It ran for about four months and went dormant for about 8 more months, then came back to life in December of that year. So if you count the break in the posting (due to lack of a usable host), the Blog's third anniversary was last month. Third or fourth. Whatever.

So happy anniversary to YOU, the readers. If not for the repeated hit-counts, comments and e-mail, this place would be no different than the front seat of my car on my daily 2 hour commute: me ranting to myself.

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