Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How to Bork the Senate

In 1987, a new age of 'dirty politics' was introduced to the voters. We saw sanctimonious members of the Senate besmirch and assault the character of a man whose judicial record was and still is worthy of respect. The new age was led by that standard bearer of all things moral, Sen. Edward Kennedy.

Well, Robert Bork went on to other pursuits, not the least of which was writing. But Sen. Kennedy still sits in his office, and tries as he might to dethrone other judicial candidates who, like Bork, stand only accused of having a different philosophy than he. In the fall, like today, Sen. Kennedy continues to show what little class he really has, when he continues to whine and stamp his feet repeatedly. But as John Roberts demonstrated, and Samuel Alito repeated today, holding your cool under these baseless assaults only enrages the accuser.

Closer to home, I've noted that unlike Sen. Rick Santorum, Pennsylvania Senatorial Candidate Bob Casey has yet voice any opinion on Judge Alito's nomination. One wonders who he's afraid of enraging if he did speak out.

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