Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bob Casey: Tap Dancer

Background: Robert P. Casey, Jr, Pennsylvania Treasuer, is challenging Rick Santorum for his seat in the US Senate.


You heard it here first, folks. Here's the long-awaited, definitive position of Robert P. Casey Jr., the Pennsylvania treasurer and Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate, on Sam Alito: "Bob Casey will reserve judgment until after the confirmation hearings," said spokesman Larry Smar.

WOW! Is that not an example of confidence? THIS, boys and girls, is the true definition of a Moderate. He won't take a stand until he knows how the majority thinks, and then he'll speak out! Sometimes a candidate/pol has to take a stand that may be unpleasant. Mr. Casey, however, would rather not work that hard.

Here's why:

Here's the pickle: If Casey supports Alito, he alienates his liberal base, which he needs for money and organization in the "collar counties" of Philadelphia. If he sides with the Democrats, he cuts his claim to being a moderate-to-conservative Democrat and hurts his support among Catholic voters.

Santorum has to vote on Alito's nomination. Casey needs to say how he would vote if he held the office for which he thinks he's better-suited than Santorum.

The voters of the Commonwealth are waiting, Mr. Casey.

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