Thursday, December 29, 2005

Year End Quick Hits

  • Good night, Fred the Baker: Michael Vale, the famous Dunkin' Donuts baker, who was always up at 3AM 'to make the doughnuts', died this week at age 83.
  • Mary Tyler Moore turns 69 on this day: I'll always remember how strikingly cute she looked as she slid down the 600 lbs of walnuts in The Dick Van Dyke show.
    This shot hardly did her justice.
  • The so-called illegal wiretaps: As if enough of this hasn't been already written, clearly spelling out that yes, the Commander in Chief can and should take the necessary steps to stop attacks by those who have declared war against us, we're still being spoon-fed by the MSM about how these acts could affect you.

    Simply stated, if you aren't involved in conversations with Al Qaida, you're safe. Tell me the Government has used the information gained from such an investigation in a criminal prosecution (which is protected by the Constitution) and I'll stand beside you in your outrage. When it deals with national security, sit down and let the system work.
  • Wife of beaten man calls for end of violence: A horrible story about a man who was guilty of honking his horn to get a group of 'youths' out of his way, and for his efforts he was brutally beaten. AP released a photo of the man, who is black. Why aren't the likes of the Revs. Jackson and Sharpton calling for peace and unity? Could it be because the attackers were also black?
  • Boyfriend charged in Cell Phone Assault: It took this long to figure out the gal didn't voluntarily swallow her own cell phone?? Could these be the same cops who worked the Jon Benet Ramsey case?
  • New Year's Resolutions: While I maintain that the concept of New Years Resolutions is silly, I will suggest the following for certain elected officials:
  • PA Gov. Ed Rendell: You made a noble effort to curb runaway school taxes with casino gambling; please continue this effort to rein in the fiefdoms of school boards. Oh, and can we please tell the truth about minimum wages?
  • President George Bush: Overall, well done. But there is so much more to be done. Please resolve:
  • Continue the War on Terror, on all fronts
  • Fight for the Patriot Act
  • Preserve Tax Cuts
  • Get serious on Border Security. Vicente Fox is counting on you not to do so.
  • Stand for your Conservative Principles. These are what got you elected. Twice.
  • Your turn: What are your Resolutions?

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