Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What do you mean What do you mean???

Continuing the saga...

He: Hello Mr. Turnpike, this is Mr. Intrepid. Listen, first of all, I want to apologize for getting so angry at you the other day.

Me: Oh, please, don't worry about it. I would have done the same thing.

He: Yeah, well, I was thinking about it, and the car is pretty old, so I don't think either of us should call our insurance company about it, so we should just not call them.

Me: Oh! Well... that is your decision, of course....

He: Yeah, well, I don't want cause you any problems about it, and neither of us want to deal with an insurance company and all...

Me: Well, like I said that is up to you, but you should know I have contacted my insurance company already.

He: You did what?

Me: I contacted my insurance company.

He: What do you mean?

Me: What you mean what do you mean? I mean I called them, 20 minutes after the accident.

He: Oh ... you did?

Me: Yes. In fact I spoke with them again on Friday... they said they sent you a letter outlining your options... have you received it?

He: Well, I ... well, I haven't checked my P.O. box in about 2 weeks, so I ...

Me: Why don't I give you the claim number, and then you call them?

He: Oh, you have a claim number too, huh? Well, OK, let me write it down then...
It should be noted that his licence and insurance card had a P.O. for his address. This isn't exactly unusual in these parts of Pennsylvania, however I find it odd he doesn't check his mail for 2 weeks.... hell, I check e-mail several times each day!

Am I wrong, or does this sound as if he wanted to get me to pay for his repairs out of my pocket??

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