Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Top 5 Benefits of the NYC Transit Strike

Adapted from a comment to a post at WizBang!,

People Benefiting From The Strike:

5.) Bar owners. Most popular phrase: "Screw this commute, I'm going to the bar and wait this out..."

4.) "Street Meat" vendors. Hey, you work up a hunger walking all that way, and even warm hog anus tastes good when it's 20ºF.

3.) Moleskin salespeople. Welcome to blister hell, folks.

2.) Cabbies. Duh.

..and now the #1 item on the list of people who are benefiting from the Transit Strike:

1.) The New York Times. It moves their embarrassing "report" of domestic spying story off the front pages. Seems fair, as that story moved the more important Iraqi elections story off the front page.

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