Saturday, December 17, 2005

Stupid fool

I've been commuting about 1,000 miles per week for the last 10 years. Some weeks more, some less, but I log about 4,000 miles each month (weekends included). Prior to 10 years ago I averaged an easy 20,000 per year, probably more (I never counted much).

25 years... only twice did I hit deer, and both times it was unavoidable (it was either hit the deer or I would have wrecked the car); only the latter deer did insurance-claim level of damage.

Great record: no tickets, no accidents.

Until today. Jackass, me, rear ended a guy on an off-ramp. The good news: no one was hurt.

My 92 Blazer hit his 94 Intrepid.... I bent his trunk... the big chrome bumper pushed in his rear easily, without any damage to the Blazer Yes, boys and girls: chrome bumpers on all vehicles - big and small - were a good idea!

The other guy was justifiably pissed.... at least as much as I was... I know I didn't take any damage, but I was stupid enough to take my eye off the ball long enough to hit him at about 5 MPH. I was rolling to a stop, looked over my shoulder, and when I looked forward....bam!

I didn't even break his tail lights; I'm not trying to minimize I was the idiot who hit him, but I didn't slam into him; I rear-ended him, and that was all.

We swapped insurance info; I called my company within 20 minutes... now we wait to see if he'll bother filing on his 12 year old car (which has seen better days). I'm covered, no deductibles, so I have no fear. And since we stood outside of our cars, and he was suitably animated, I doubt I have to fret any whiplash charges (again: I didn't hit him that hard). Who knows... he may bang it out himself.

I'm just pissed my bragging rights of 25 years are now gone.... stupid idiot...

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