Saturday, December 24, 2005

Is he serious?


Yes, hello Mr. Turnpike1. My name is Tom Intrepid. I am the guy you were involved in an accident with last week. I'll be at this number - NNN-NNN-NNNN - for the next 30 minutes. Please give me a call back or try me again tonight after 10 pm. Thank you.
So I phone him back in just about 10 minutes after his call and got his voice mail. I left my message, including phone number, and noted the time I returned his call.

My insurance company has already sent him a letter, instructing him what to do. Even if he hasn't received it yet, his insurance company ought to have contacted mine by now. Basically, there's little reason he and I have to speak, but out of common courtesy I will speak with him, of course.

But after 10pm? On Christmas Eve?

Is he serious?

1The names have been changed, naturally.

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