Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Chanukah

I wanted to post something Sunday, but obviously didn't.

I've often wondered why Christians seem to totally disregard Jewish holidays. Growing up Catholic, and attending 16 years of Catholic education (I attended St. John's Univ, for those who are counting), I was exposed to a great deal of Theology, including the Old Testament. I learned early on about Passover and about Maccabean's victory, etc.

It's been said that Chanukah is a comparatively minor Jewish holiday that has grown in stature with its relation to Christmas. Early Christians had to 'relocate' some of their holidays to coincide with the Jewish or Pagan celebrations, lest they be easily seen and invited to dinner with the lions (and as such the story of the "shepherds in December" could be explained).

This is not to say I advocate the blending of religions or traditions, as blending often leads to dilution. It seems (to me, at least) many people would just as soon ignore the fact that there are Jewish holidays, and that's hard to comprehend. Certainly, I understand a Jew not being so excited to celebrate Christmas or Easter, for their spiritual significance, but the reverse shouldn't true, since those holidays were crucial in the eventual evolution of Christianity.

Let's not forget that before Christ walked the Earth, there was Passover and Chanukah, and the miracles behind them should not be ignored by Christians, if for no other reason than we believe the Messiah did, indeed, come.

To all those who celebrate Chanukah, may G-d bless you and yours.
Just some food for thought on this Virtual Monday, a week that will be short for most, or completely off for many. For me, I will work today and Thursday-Friday; tomorrow I will take the second of my two 'floating holidays', which are by definition 'use or loose'. I could have taken Friday, but being that it will be a decidedly shortened day, why waste the full day off?

For those wanting more information on Chanukah, I provide the following:

  • Tammy Bruce links to the A/P noting what makes this year's Chanukah especially special, and to other references on the holiday. (I also swiped the jpg above from her blog).
  • Blogs for Bush provides some prayers for the holiday.
  • Another source of information that I posted previously.

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