Saturday, December 24, 2005

Countdown has begun

The countdown to the Big Guy has begun. Our two boys (10 and almost 3) are geared up for the big day tomorrow, although the oldest boy is starting to piece things together.

If Santa gives toys to all the boys and girls, why do the Marines run Toys for Tots???
(Cue sound f/x: Ralph Kramden's 'Hummina, hummina, hummina')
Well, you know a lot of people were moved out of their homes after all those hurricanes and ....
Right, so they're helping Santa. That makes sense

We're not nearly as organized as I had hoped, and in some ways we're a little behind where we were last year, but we're trying. Next year... you'll see... In the meantime, we started late last night in the hard-core decorating and wrapping, so my much-better-half and I are operating on a little sleep, and not likely to get much more before Monday. Another year, another all-nighter.

With the addition this year of broadband (I know: it's about time!) we'll enjoy many Christmas sites, not the least of which is NORAD's own (read about it's history), and we'll all make merry and have fun, because that's one of the big parts to a kid's Christmas.

So I bid all of my readers a Merry Christmas.

And to persons of all faiths, to quote a modern-day Renaissance man: the singer, songwriter, novelist and Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Kinky Friedman: may the God of your choice bless you and yours this holiday season.

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