Monday, December 19, 2005

AirAmerica Scandal News

I'll wager you won't hear about it on the MSM, and probably even less on AirAmerica's own airwaves, but the LeatherPenguin links to a NY Post story concerning one of AA's 'sponsors'....

The former Bronx Boys & Girls Club at the center of a scandal over $875,000 funneled to the liberal radio network Air America is fighting eviction from its longtime home at Co-op City, The Post has learned.

The community group, known as the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club until its charter was revoked by the youth organization’s national headquarters, was ordered to turn in the keys to a 10,000-square-foot schoolhouse and five meeting rooms.

That's right... the presumptive bastion of Liberal I mean Progressive Talk Radio has caused the closing of a Boys & Girls Club.

Strange... while AirAmerica continues to sell bumper stickers for over $16. a piece, nary a word is spoken about raising funds to help the kids in the Bronx.

Go figure.

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