Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Summer ends as it began

We ended the summer, not with a blow out of a barbeque, but with a movie.  Another drive-in flick.   I am so grateful to live so close to no less than two drive-ins, I only wish Hollywood would produce some fam-friendly flicks.   I realize the bigger payoffs are outside of the kidlet demographic, but that’s an area that is too often overlooked entirely.

We saw March of the Penguins, something that both kids enjoyed.   Anything with penguins is sure to be a hit with kids.   It was a little tiring for the 9 year old, but hey! it is a documentary.  If we could have worked a Monster Truck or a laser gun into it, he would have given it 5 stars, no doubt.

The local drive-in added a second screen this season.  Well, sort of.  Imagine three containers (the trailer of 18 wheelers, sans the wheels) stacked up, with an appropriately sized screen attached.   The owner told me in the spring that her plans were to set up this temporary screen and see how well it did.  This weekend she told me that not only will she build a permanent structure over the winter, but that she will also build an additional snack-bar.  Don’t tell me drive-ins are dead!!

On Thursday night, our Tae Kwon Do class did our annual demonstration at the local Fair.  To a surprisingly large crowd, we spent an hour showing exercise, sparring and self-defense.  My highlight involved three women, ages 13, 30-ish and 40-ish, have a lug (that would be me) come at them and alternately throw a punch or choke-hold-from-behind.  In each instance, the gal deftly decked me, either with a leg-sweep or a throw.  

Yes, it was staged in that each gal knew I was coming at her and grabbing/throwing a punch, and yes I knew I was going to go down.  But the punches were real: had any of their blocks missed I would have definitely landed a hit – a glancing blow, but a hit nonetheless – to her face.   Their groin-shots to me made contact (but nothing that changed the pitch of my voice), and my feet left the ground shortly before I hit the mats, so their moves were real as well.  Each gal met 3 other lugs, who were attacking in different fashions, so there was plenty of variety.    I did notice that each time I went down, the crowd cheered… that’s entertainment!

On Sunday our Cub Scout Pack did a Car Wash fundraiser for the Red Cross Hurricane Relief.  The wash went from 8:30 to 3:30, and while we were only able to attend from 10:00 to 1:00, the Pack had collected just over $500 in that time.  Some cars honked and dropped bills into our bucket, having no time to wait for their wash.  I saw no fewer than 8 $20 bill dropped like that.  People are indeed generous.    

One Hummer owner (an H2) was laughing when I grabbed a ladder to wash the roof of his truck.
“In the 10 months I’ve owned it, I never saw the roof.  What color is it, anyway?”

Some of the parents asked if he regretted owning it, with gas prices being what they are.  He replied he didn’t, and that he wasn’t worried about gas prices.   Like I’ve said, he knows the spike since Katrina is a temporary one, but the days of less-than-a-dollar-a-gallon are gone unless we can meet the demand.    So nice to hear someone else echo what I’ve said.

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