Thursday, September 22, 2005

Some uncommon common sense on John Roberts nomination

Daily Kos on the all-but-inevitable confirmation of John Roberts to Chief Justice of the United States:

And ultimately, the Republicans have the White House and a solid majority in the Senate. If we want to stop the Roberts of the world in the future we have to do so at the ballot box. The Roberts battle was lost in 2004, 2002, and 2000.
See? Kos gets it! (note, unlike many, I actually do know how to pronounce 'Kos'; it rhymes with 'prose') The President is entitled to pick his SCOTUS nominees, and if they are qualified, they are entitled to confirmation.

Elections matter; that's a theme I've reiterated in this Blog. The decisive victory in President Bush's re-election and the continued victories in the House and Senate indicate this nation's philosophical trend (not to mention the Gubernatorial races).

It doesn't matter if any Senator disagrees with Judge Roberts' philosophy: if he is not qualified, then the Senators should vote no. Otherwise, it's a done deal.

Either way, these Senators will face the music at their next election.

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