Monday, September 19, 2005

Short Memories: Donovan McNabb

Who can forget the bruhahah just 2 years ago when Rush Limbaugh dared to suggest the sports media was overcompensating for Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb's playing abilities (see here for a flash-back)?

Heh... clearly, Bill Conlin of the Philadlephia Inquirier remembers:

For the second straight week, Donovan McNabb played like a white quarterback.

Last Monday night, the Eagles franchise star did an excellent imitation of Ryan Leaf.

Yesterday, the man some people seem to think Andy Reid has renamed "McPass" did a more than passable imitation of Joe Montana. That's the same Montana who turned the San Francisco 49ers into a dynasty bearing no resemblance to the shabby stiffs who showed up at Lincoln Financial Field and impersonated an NFL team.


It is past time to end the QB stereotype debate. We agreed decades ago that Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles were both dynamite singers, who wove their magic with different styles.

Donovan McNabb can pass...

That's indeed true today, and he deserves all of the accolades given to him regarding his recent performance.

But did he deserve it 2 years ago?

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