Thursday, September 29, 2005

Quick hits

A few notes worth making:

  • Congratulations to John Roberts, the 17th Chief Justice of the United States.  May he serve a long term.  Next: I hope President Bush nominates Judge Janice Rogers Brown, a true jurist in the model of Justices Scalia and Thomas.

  • Rep. Tom DeLay has followed the rules of the House of Representatives and has stepped down from his leadership position.     If it took 4 (or was it 6?) grand juries to hand down such a non-specific indictment, the Travis County (Tx) District Attorney Ronnie Earle (D) must either have a ‘smoking gun’ – in which case Mr. DeLay ought to be punished in accordance with the law – or he has a lot of nothing, in which case Mr. Earle will be exposed as a partisan hack.   If the latter, the Texas Legal Review Board ought to review whether Mr. Earle ought to be disbarred.  If Mr. Earle’s case against Mr. DeLay is as strong as was the case against Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Mr. DeLay indeed has nothing to worry about.

  • The GOP needs to focus on cutting the budget (that’s addressed to both the Legislative and Executive branches), and to border security.  While neither party has shown the willingness to do either, only the GOP has at least spoken of each in their various platforms.The time is now.

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