Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cooler Conundrum

Here's a question for the sage readers (you know who you are...)
My family gets meat in the mail, about every 6 weeks or so.   No, no, I mean from Omaha Steaks and QVC Sausages; sometimes we order them, other times my folks send dinners to us (with a note telling us they're doing that because we don't visit enough!).
These meats come packed with dry ice and in styrofoam chests.  The coolers are great, reusable, and fairly durable.  Too durable, in fact.  Each car has at least one in them (I put a small one inside a big one in the Blazer).
Now my garage has too many extra coolers.  My local trash hauler won't 'recycle' them.  I called both Omaha and QVC, and they referred me to a nationwide recycler of styrofoam, but the center nearest to home would take a tank of gas to get to... hardly worth it.
Anyone have any ideas, before I put these into the local landfill?

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