Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Why can't Johnny (or Janie) read?

Why can't Johnny (or Janie) read? Consider the source:

Morning Call: When Johanna R. Schechter received her Northampton Area High School diploma June 11, she expected the document certifying that she had fulfilled all the requirements of graduation to be without errors.

So it was a bit of a shock when the 18-year-old learned from fellow graduate Jamie Lambert that the name of the school was spelled wrong within the body of the document.

''It was kind of like a slap in the face,'' Schechter said Wednesday. ''It was a little disrespectful. I would've hoped the school would've screened the diplomas. Obviously Northampton did a slap-dash job and that's what they're leaving us with.''

Denise Rader, district community relations coordinator, said school officials discovered the day after graduation that the fifth reference to Northampton was spelled with two h's. Rader said all other references were correct.

Now anyone who has spent any time reading this humble Blog knows I am not always a master at spelling, but then I am not an high school educator, either. The mistake was made, the reprints ordered, let it go. Anyone who takes grand offense at the issue has to learn that sometimes crap happens in life; if that's the worse thing to ever happen to you...

Furthermore, if it was such a slap, how come Schechter didn't notice it herself? If she couldn't be bothered to read her own diploma, how much of an insult could it have been to her?

However, I predict at least one lawsuit will be filed for duress. I'm surprised one hasn't already been filed over the case of the bad yearbook photo.

Heh... every photo of me has been bad; imagine the claims I could have had...

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