Sunday, July 31, 2005

What's the difference?

I seek knowledge from those more learned than I.

I am looking for a good dictionary. You'd think this would be easy, but my Miriam Webster at home is easily 25 years old, so it's out of date. I went to Barnes and Noble and couldn't decided between a Webster's and a Miriam Webster's (Oxford's were a little pricey). In my old office there were more than a few copies to be had in someone's cubicle, so I never bothered to get one for my own.

Back in the days I worked in Manhattan, I learned well that (at least in those days) Webster's wasn't a copy-protected name, and anyone could slap Webster's on any lexicon, regardless of accuracy, and sell them for a $1 on street corners (many an afternoon was spent finding the incorrect words). I am certain the collections in B&N would be legit, but that still doesn't address my question on the names.

So I am seeking a good desktop reference for my office, and maybe an all-around one for home as well. Heaven knows a good style guide wouldn't hurt me either.

And can you tell me the difference between Webster's and Miriam Webster's?

Anyone have suggestions?

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