Friday, July 29, 2005

Some pols have a conscience, and it cost them their jobs.

While I realize many folk who read this do not live in Pennsylvania, this is interesteing for all who vote.

HARRISBURG1 - Fifteen House Democrats who voted against the controversial legislative pay raise were stripped of their committee leadership positions in an unusual midterm shake-up that some members viewed as payback for their "no" votes.

In a letter to House Speaker John Perzel (R., Phila.) last week, House Minority Leader H. William DeWeese announced changes in 16 House committees. Committee assignments are routinely made at the beginning of a new session, not mid-session.

The moves appeared designed to reward lawmakers who voted for the 16 percent pay raise and punish those who did not. Under the new salary structure, those in committee leadership positions receive an additional $4,050 a year.

DeWeese would not comment on the shake-up. His spokesman issued a statement but refused to discuss the timing of the changes or why they were made. "The leader has discretion to change assignments whenever he wants," said Tom Andrews, press secretary for DeWeese. "This is just a shuffling of positions."

Others said the reason was clear: It was payback time.

So lets get this straight, if you vote to give yourself a raise, you get promoted.

Here's hoping the electorate votes to bring a conscience back to Harrisburg.

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