Monday, July 11, 2005

Misplaced comment

Recently, I added a piece of script that would show the names of those who recently added comments to my postings (its on the right after 'Recent Posts'). I did this because I have yet to pay the $12 to buy a 'real' HaloScan comment account, so the only ways to view my comments are to look for the change in the number of comments after my posts, or to check the RSS feed in my Bloglines account. The former method was inefficient, and the latter is getting harder to do (my feed list is in dire need of pruning). So I thought having the names showing would be a free plug to whomever posted, and would make it easier for me to know when someone made a comment.

One of the few downsides to the Free HaloScan account is that the comments shown in the specific RSS feed show only the comment, without any link to the post I wrote to inspire the note. Take this comment from Ebonne Cabarrus. Clealy, Ebonne is disagreeing with me on some point I made, but I can't reply because

  1. I do not know which post is being referenced
  2. Ebonne left no contact information
If nothing else, it's time I pony up the $12 and get a real HaloScan account. The old one serves me well, but fair is fair, and I ought to do my part.

One day... one day ... I'll cough up for my own domain name ...

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