Sunday, July 24, 2005

Incomplete List of Things That Bug Me

I started this list more than a week ago, and left it in my drafts folder. Earlier this week, Michele at A Small Victory started a thread of her own on the same topic, so I posted my incomplete list at her fine site. Her readers offered a number of good complaints, so I decided to see if readers here could add to my list (or hers, if you want to add to it).

I'll be updating this list infrequently, for I am sure there will be other things that get under my skin. However, for now, here is

My Incomplete List of People and things
(and things that people do) that annoy me

  1. People who go on vacation but don’t indicate they’re away in their voice mail, e-mail, etc. This is specifically regarding their office communications. I’m thinking the guy is either fired, dead, or otherwise unresponsive, and that makes my job harder. If no one is covering your voice mail/e-mail, you ought to tell folks who to call while you are away.

  2. People who set their office voice mail to something non-descript, i.e. “I can’t take your call now, please leave a message.” You can’t take my call? No kidding! How do I know for sure you are the person to whom I wish to speak to? How about mentioning something like…, I don’t know: YOUR NAME?

  3. People who expect you to know what is on their computer screen, even when it is apparent I can’t see it. Especially annoying if they’re in a different state.

  4. Drivers who cut you off and then wave, as if that makes it OK. "Did you see that? I nearly hit the bridge abutment because I was cut off… wait, wait… he waved, it’s OK." (I think George Carlin may have pondered this before. Or Jerry Seinfeld...)

  5. Toenails and the appendix. Why evolution hasn’t done away with them is beyond me.

  6. People who drink decafe coffee while they proselytize that everyone should. “Do you know how much better you’d feel if you drank less caffeine?”

  7. People who use the expression “I know what you’re thinking…” No, you don’t. Not a clue. Guaranteed.

  8. Overpriced coffee. It’s coffee for Pete’s sake. I must admit some hypocrisy, since I buy it for much-better-half and myself when we’re out.

  9. Tip cups at Dunkin’ Donuts.

  10. The bastardization of the word ‘doughnuts’.

  11. FNC’s overuse of their ‘Fox News Alert’ banner.

  12. Overzealous Corporate IT personnel who block feed readers. What the hell else am I supposed to do on my short lunch breaks?

  13. People who complain about another's Hummer (or other SUV) just because the vehilce is bigger and safer than theirs. I don't own a Hummer, but I hope to one day own one (a real one, certainly not an H3). If I pay through the nose for gas, that's my problem. If it's too big to see around, slow down. We have trucks on the road that are bigger than any Hummer, but we don't disparage them. I agree that bad drivers are bad for all; but I won't demonize a vehicle because a person behind the wheel can't drive. Hummers don't drive bad, bad drivers do.

Your turn, what peeves you?

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