Monday, July 18, 2005

Catching up

I have an unfinished piece on allegedly 'bottom of the barrel' jobs, but that will wait for now.

  • Karl Rove has done nothing wrong. Somehow, the idea of a prosecutor suggesting a journalist is in contempt of court while letting the alleged target of an investigation walk free is a little too much to accept. Why hasn't the NY Times turned over Judith Miller's source? It can't be Mr. Rove or anyone in the Administration; they would have rolled on them long before Ms. Miller put on her jumpsuit.

  • Harry Potter: Everyone else seems to be talking about him, guess its my turn. I don't care about Harry Potter. If you want to read the books, go ahead. I've written before about my lack of patience for novels (here and here), so this would be no different. However, I question those who take their youngsters (pre-teen and younger) to a bookstore at midnight. Can you say instant gratification? If Jaime and Johnny couldn't wait until 9AM Saturday, then there is something very wrong with this picture.

    My theory is those parents who indulge such behavior were youngsters themselves when their mothers got into fist-fights over Cabbage Patch dolls 25 years ago.

Have you played in the SummerMeme?

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