Thursday, July 28, 2005

Another bureaucrat who should be flogged

This is priceless...

A real-life drama is being played out in Carbon County as a mother and her children are living in a tent instead of their new home. They blame a building inspector for standing in their way.

Theresa Livingston is a mother of three children, twin girls aged 12 and a son who is nine. She has a modular home near Lehighton which she bought for the family to live in but contractors have been stopped from finishing the job. So the family eats, sleeps and spends time together in a tent.


There is already a new foundation for the modular home. The family's other house stood on the same spot but in February a fire destroyed it.

One township official said the building inspector stopped the job because the land could be flooded, even though the new home would go in the same place as the old one. There's a dispute over whether the land is in the flood plane. An expensive study would be needed to determine that.

"I think I'd like him to see the children and how we're living and please explain to me why. I've done everything he told me to," Livingston added.

The tent contains a portable toilet and bottled water and the family showers at a nearby park. One child occasionally has to use a wheelchair.


The dispute may come to a head at the township supervisors meeting August 8. That's when the mother and her builders will demand answers from community leaders

I can see it now! The Township Supervisors will order Children Protective Services to take the kids.

Yeah, call me the cynic. It's getting hard not to be...
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  • I need a drink.

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