Tuesday, July 26, 2005

AirAmerica Double Speak

Every now and then I give AirAmerica's rating a boost by tuning in for a while1. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to listen to the following, spoken by Randi Rhodes:

I am not asking you to fall in love with these Democratic candidates. I'm asking you to fall in line. It's time to stop dividing us, and start dividing them. - AirAmerica 25-July-05, 15:50
Now I haven't a problem with Ms. Rhodes stumping for her Party, and I fully endorse and support the right everyone to 'get out the vote' and what not.

But if I hear Ms. Rhodes, or an other talk show host, or any pundit complaining that President Bush and/or the Republicans are 'dividing the nation', it will prove their hypocrisy.

1 Having had a brief stint in college radio, and having participated in more than a few Arbitron ratings in my lifetime, I know fully that my brief and undocumented listening to AirAmerica did nothing for their ratings. However, it is funny to think that had I been reporting for Arbitron, I could have practically doubled AirAmerica's ratings for that period.

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