Thursday, June 23, 2005

Quick Hits

For those with short attention spans, it's Quick Hits.

Regional News

  • Stroudsburg Area School District is the first in Monroe County to follow the nation-wide trend of providing a full-day kindergarten.
    Other local districts seem to be cautiously moving in the same direction. East Stroudsburg Area School District is not planning to offer full-day kindergarten in the immediate future, but does want to look at offering it down the road. Assistant Superintendent Greg Naudascher said, like other schools in the county, his district struggles with having enough classroom space to offer such a program.
    Why not call it what it is, in reality? Subsidized day care. Sure, there are plenty of parents who must have both parents working (and plenty of single-parent homes), but how many pairs of parents work because they WANT to, or feel they need to climb the corporate ladder?

    And wait... soon, the day care providers specializing in kindergarten ages will complain they’re losing money.

  • Plenty of places to buy fireworks in PA, so long as you don’t live there.
    Pa. stores are selling fireworks to everyone except state residents. Pennsylvania residents still can buy what are referred to as ground-based "safe and sane" fireworks - ones that do not explode or shoot into the air - like sparklers, smoke items, snakes, etc

    Reminds me of Jack Daniel’s (my favorite adult beverage), which is produced in a dry county.

National News

  • Reality Hammer points out President Bush’s repeated call for an energy bill, and notes the renewed desire for nuclear energy. As the hammer says, it is about time!


Admittedly, these are blogs I’ve only just started reading, and I am ashamed I took this long to do so. Two posts caught my eye yesterday, written by people who are actually on the ground in the war:

  • Lessons Learned: IEDs in Iraq Some fascinating points on how IEDs work, and some surprising views on those armored-up Humvees we’ve sent to the troops. I hope Sec. Rumsfeld refers to some formal statistics on this matter for when next he gets ambushed in a press conference.

  • A MilBlogger is injured in combat: I had only started to read CPT Charles Ziegenfuss's blog late last week, and was impressed with his writing. Last night I was saddened learned he was injured in combat, and is on his way home. I am most impressed by the courage of his wife and how their child reacted to the news of his father’s injuries. Clearly, there are few better examples of the kind of people we have serving in our military forces. Our prayers and respect go to him and his family.

Lighter side

  • Exactly how much money does millionaire Bruce Wayne have? Joe Katzman of Winds Of Change links to Forbes and expliores the issue.

  • And finally, I’ve been MemeTagged by Gina … how can I resist? More on this later.

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