Thursday, June 02, 2005

Progressives don't get it

FOX NEWS: Progressives Vow to Take Back America: In some quarters of American politics, liberals stand accused of having no ideas — but that hasn't stopped those on the left from plotting to shift the balance of power.

In Washington on Wednesday, the most liberal wing of the Democratic Party salivated over the prospect that President Bush is in deep trouble and Democrats have a prospect of winning back ground lost in the last two elections.

No one, certainly not this Blog, will say the minority Party has no right to campaign for their own victory. However, they will remain a minority Party unless they give voters something to vote for as opposed.

In extensive polling for the conference, Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg said he found deep disenchantment with the war in Iraq and President Bush's proposals on Social Security as well as uneasiness over his economic policies.

By a margin of 55 to 37 percent, poll respondents said they believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. In a separate question, 55 percent said they want the country to go in a significantly different direction than it is now.

Well alright then.

Except... wasn't that the same poll margins in November '04, when President Bush was re-elected with the largest number of votes of any President, with a margin of 51-48%?

Democratic polling shows that one thing voters do like about Bush is the clarity of his ideas, something they do not see in Democratic candidates.

I could have told you that! This Blog had several posts lamenting the lack of ideas from Sen. Kerry during last year's campaign; to this day, he has never provided even a broad outline of plan for Iraq. (Sidenote: Sen. Kerry has only recently reported he has signed his SF-180, to release his military records, some 4 months after he promised to do so... guess some things take time. Wonder when we'll see it?)

The Democrats -- sorry: Progressives -- need to get away from their I-hate-Bush mantra and build a platform of ideas. With the steady decline in their numbers in Congress, and the fact that they haven't won a decisive majority of voters since Jimmy Carter (remember, both times President Clinton won by Electoral votes alone, and wasn't even close in popular votes), the mandate from the Constituency has a decidedly Conservative lean.

Or they can ignore this and remain a minority party... which, with their failing to offer any substantial ideas, suits me just fine.

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