Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Morning check-in

WHat a way to start a day... running scripts to export a database... these things take time, and since I'm the whacko up at 4:00, why not me... am waiting for another step or two to complete before I head out..

  • Yes, I made another template change. I've enabled 'READ MORE' to be displayed on my longer ramblings. So far the only complaint is from ME! On Opera, the 'READ MORE' link appears on every post; how does it look on your browser?

  • To date, the only post that has the READ MORE enabled is my test post.

  • Smoking Gun on Christian Slater Grope Bust - You know, he may well have done the deed. But we're talking about the possibility of a YEAR in jail, for what? I know.. some out there will ask 'what if it were YOUR daughter, Charlie?' Well if she's out and about a 2AM, I damn well hope she knows the kinds of people who come out of pubs at that hour. Give him Communtiy Service and lets move on.

  • More later... gotta head out.

    UPDATE: Yeah, the 'read more' appears on EVERY post... need to work out the stylesheet just a tad.

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