Sunday, June 05, 2005

More reasons to dislike teacher unions

Old Forge, PA: For the third time within 15 months, teachers in the Old Forge School District will be walking off the job. The call came Friday morning informing the district there will be a strike, forcing more than 900 students out of school.

Seniors went to the high school Friday ready to start day one of final exams. That's when they learned the strike, planned for Monday, will postpone graduation. Word of the strike spread quickly and by mid-morning seniors were walking out of school wondering how they would end their senior year.

It is really hard to justify a union and their strikes when things like this happen. Usually parents who use a school as a defacto baby-sitter get enraged when there is a strike. Here, right in the middle of finals, it is unconscionable to strike.
Teachers have not had a contract since 2003. Monday's strike will be the third since that contract expired.
The reason to strike seems valid, although I believe unions have long outgrown their usefulness. The timing of this stinks for those kids waiting on graduation. The union should be satisfied they made their noise and get back to work; they're hurting the kids and the reputations of unions in general.

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