Monday, June 06, 2005

Different kind of Play...

So Sunday night, my 9 year old son watched some of the Tony Awards before bed. When he was getting ready to turn in, he offered the following gem:

He: One day, we should see '12 Angry Men' on Broadway.
He's heard me refer to the movie more than once, when I've commented that the original movie stands the test of time, and no doubt that's where this conversation came from.

Me: Well, you're still a little young for the 2 hour drive to NYC, the show, and the whole deal. We'll look for local theaters for other plays, and hold Broadway until you are a little older.

He: OK, that sounds good. Dad, what's Playboy?

Me: Err... what?

He: Playboy. I've heard it mentioned, what is it?

Me: Um.... where have you heard this mentioned?? (my mind is racing to find the thread that links '12 Angry Men' and Hef)

He: On Regis and Kelly!


He: Whenever they have an actor from Broadway, Regis holds up a copy of Playboy and ...


He: Oh... Ok, so what's Playbill?

Fortunately, he hasn't asked about Playboy yet.... I missed the bullet... this time... maybe this is a wake-up call to me to start planning how to answer such questions down the line.

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