Monday, June 06, 2005

Another era of radio passing

Growing up in NYC, you couldn't help but learn about oldies radio. In my youth it was tunes from the 1950's, and as I aged the playlist grew with it to include the '60's, and some '80's hits.

WCBS was home to the legendary Cousin Brucie, after 'MusicRadio' WABC switched formats and later became the #1 talk station in the nation. He was the anchor commodity to WCBS, hosting two shows weekly.

On Friday, however, the station changed formats. Now known as
JACK FM, the station boasts the best of the '70s through today. In a few minutes of listening I gave the station, I heard Black Eyed Peas' Lets Get it Started segue to Bruce Hornsby's Valley Road... Eclectic? Without a doubt.

I don't pay much attention to music as much as I used to; call it the beginning of my Old Fartdom. I enjoy Joe Jackson, The Counting Crows and Delbert McClinton ... talk about eclectic! And as my music listening has declined, I can't recall the last time I tuned to WCBS-FM in years; obviously most of their listeners have tuned away as well. I used to tune to it as a last resort, knowing there would be something worth hearing; having moved out of NYC area, it hasn't been needed in quite a while.

Anyone still wanting to relive those golden years of oldies radio can still hear WCBS-FM streaming. What will become of Cousin Brucie now? While he is under contract, it remains to be seen. Maybe I'll tune in, relive some of those old days, and find out.

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