Monday, May 30, 2005

A thief the size of a dog

What a month... home-wise.

I've been doing battle with a critter that seems unstoppable. I've had problems with raccoons (or other critters) from time to time, being that I live in a rural area. I've even found ways to keep them at bay, and have recommended my method to others since it worked so well.

Ammonia is cheap, effective and won't kill the critters, just send them away with their noses turned up. I use a spray bottle to mist the bags in the pails and that's that.

That is, until recently. Pails were being tipped, trash was being strewn about. So I started to spray more. No effect. So I got bungee cords and locked the pail handles together... no good.

This is a good time for reminiscing. When I grew up in Queens, NY, we had aluminum garbage cans, not the Rubbermaid-like ones today. And certain families had these nice springs that meant the trash-men needed to pull the lids aside and they would 'stick' to the side of the cans. Pretty neat. My dad had us searching for our unsprung-lids, that were inevitably flattened under one cars tire or other. Oh well...

Tonight, I met the intruder. HOLY CRAP! This bugger was grey, mean looking, and could easily weigh 45 lbs. It looked twice as big as my cat, and he's no featherweight. I came out to drop tonight's trash and I apparently interrupted him working over the chicken carcass from last night's dinner. He scowled and sauntered off... not run, mind you, but sauntered. I am not sure it was due to arrogance or the fact his weight prevented a faster gait.

I cleaned up what I could (I left the chicken remains for him) and sprayed the trash with ammonia again... how worthless was that idea?

What's next? Insecticide? Gotta give this beast a reason to forage somewhere else...

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